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Cultural Activities

Cultural activities form the bedrock of the college experience. They nudge students out of their shell, encourage them to prove their mettle, and urge them to meet peers with similar interests. Students also get the chance to sharpen existing skills and talents while exploring new ones. 

Student-engagement Events

The Faculty of Management and Commerce conducts three student-engagement events:

  • Petrichor — an event to welcome new undergraduate students to the Faculty
  • Enthuzia — where students to the Master’s programs are greeted by the FMC family
  • Sayonara — graduating students are given a celebratory send off as they head into the professional world.

Cultural Activities at RUAS

The University regularly conducts fests and competitions that see participation from students of different Faculties and programs. From the two-day annual fest Akaira to the monthly day-long Ramaiah Habba celebrations, these university-level events bring together all members of the RUAS family and inculcate a strong sense of team spirit among them.