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Clubs and Societies

Clubs and Societies provide the ideal platform for students to explore their interests, hone their skills, and meet like-minded individuals.

The Clubs at FMC seek to complement classroom learning by examining a range of topics and subjects related to the world of business. From economics to CSR, these Clubs equip students with the knowledge, resources, and skills needed to transform from competent students to exemplary professionals

Arpan — The CSR Club

At the Faculty of Management and Commerce, we believe that a truly successful organisation is one that looks beyond serving its own interests to serve society. As we shape the business professionals and leaders of tomorrow, it is important to not only equip them with knowledge and resources, but also the spirit of service and civic responsibility. 

At Arpan, the CSR Club of FMC, we educate students on the symbiotic relationship between society and businesses. We create awareness on the need for — and the importance of — corporate social responsibility, and emphasize the future role of students in the same. 

The Club’s activities are designed to help acquaint students with societal issues. Students are also taught to work in teams and develop social leadership to address the problems of the day. The aim is to help students work and lead businesses that play a strong social role. 

Prerana — the Women in Business Club

While women have made great strides in the world of business, the gender gap in the industry continues to remain significant and problematic. The Women in Business Club at FMC is an effort to bridge this gap. 

The Club organises regular talks and interactions with successful business women. It also conducts events like quiz competitions, debates, and business plan competitions. Members also get the opportunity to shadow a popular business woman and learn more about them through observation and interaction. 

Some of the objectives of the Club are: 

  • To inculcate an inclusive mindset in students
  • To acquaint them with policies associated to women entrepreneurship
  • To introduce them to success women entrepreneurs and business professionals

Economics Club

Economics shapes the world around us. It dictates policies and determines operations. It helps us predict and plan for the future, even as we make sense of the present. As a business professional, a thorough understanding of economics is not only important, it is an absolute must. 

At the Economics Club, students are trained to become well-versed in the subject. They are taught to read, understand, and interpret economic developments in the country and the world. They also learn to interpret the implications of these developments on businesses and industries. This understanding of economics helps students navigate the world of business and employment with more ease. 

The Club regularly conducts panel discussions, case study analysis, and talks by subject matter experts. 

Class to Career (C2C) — The HR Club

The Class to Career Club was established in 2017 as the Drishtikone Club. In 2019, it was renamed the Class to Career — or the C2C Club — to better reflect its goals and activities.

The Club focuses on enhancing the interpersonal skills of students. In addition to the professional development offered by the Faculty, the Club emphasizes personality development and grooming.

Fear of public speaking, inability to communicate effectively, difficulty in making decisions, and inability to think out of the box are often stumbling blocks that keep students from achieving their full potential. The Club seeks to address these issues through its activities which include workshops on creative thinking, debate competitions, poster-making competitions, and seminars of Indian leaders and their philosophies. 

Clubs and Societies at RUAS

The University offers students 8 Clubs to choose from including a Dance Club, a Dramatics Club, a Literary Club and a Debate Club.