Message from the Head

Today’s world is in a state of constant flux. From business models to entire industries, change is not only expected, it is inevitable. The primary responsibility of a business management school then is to equip students with the relevant knowledge, skills, and attributes necessary to navigate an ever-changing future. 

At the Faculty of Management and Commerce, we understand this. 

While we have always adopted a student-centric approach to learning and have laid particular emphasis on industry needs in our curriculum, we have also remodelled and updated our existing programs to ensure they remain relevant. 

Further, our two new programs — MBA Business Analytics, and MBA Banking and Financial Services — are a testament to the path we intend to travel.

All programs are taught by dedicated faculty members with the relevant industry experience. The pedagogical methods employed include classroom teaching, case discussions, virtual learning, experiential learning through field visits and field observations, simulation games, guest lectures by industry experts, and workshops by renowned academics. 

Over the duration of the program, students learn to work in teams, hone their soft skills, take up educational internships, solve societal problems using management methods, participate in meaningful social work, and master the art and science of conducting research. 

RUAS’s unique ecosystem encourages collaborative learning with different fields of study and areas of research. Students from FMC can team up with students or faculty members of the School of Social Sciences, Faculty of Engineering and Technology, the Faculty of Art and Design, or any other faculty at RUAS for projects and competitions.” 

Exposure to Massive Open Online Courses (MOOC) and independent projects on campus inculcate a spirit of entrepreneurship among students. For those seeking to take the plunge, the University offers its support in the form of the University Incubation Centre as well as in the form of funds from the Technology Development Fund. 

Short-term visits to international universities and industries abroad offer global perspectives on management and business. 

As a pathway collaborator for the prestigious MITx MicroMaster Programme (from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology), FMC offers its students a distinct competitive edge over their peers. Students are awarded credit waivers in their MBA programs if they are able to complete the MITx MicroMasters program. They are also given the opportunity to study in the MIT accelerated Master’s program — as well as in other reputed international pathway programs — with relevant credit waivers and campus visits. 

Our experienced faculty members conduct regular certification and training programs for industry professionals. They also organise faculty development programs for in-house faculty members as well as those from other universities. They also publish papers in international and Indian journals, write textbook on various subjects, undertake research, and consult on projects with the aim of improving the Indian business environment and facilitating collaboration in a holistic and meaningful manner.