As a university that is home to 9 Faculties and over 60 programs, RUAS is constantly buzzing with activity. From seminars and guest lectures to workshops and cultural events, students are given a plethora of activities to participate in. 

The hallmark of every college experience, these activities offer students the chance to explore their academic interests, pursue their extracurricular hobbies, and grow as individuals. 


Competitions and athletic meets are regularly organised and students are also encouraged to participate in the sports events of other universities and colleges.

Cultural Activities

Fests and competitions form an integral part of the college experience. Students are encouraged to organise such events and to participate in the inter-college meets of other institutions.

Clubs and Societies

Clubs and societies offer students the ideal platform to explore their interests, hone their skills, and interact with like-minded individuals. 

Industry Visits

Industry visits help bridge the gap between theoretical learning and practical application. They also acquaint students with the workings of an industry, thereby helping to contextualise learning. 

Industry Immersion Programmes

These programs offer students the opportunity to explore industries and to develop a thorough understanding of their operations, functioning, and challenges. This knowledge helps students prepare for the world of work and gives them a competitive edge over their peers. 

Placements and Internships

The Faculty works closely with the University Placement Cell to ensure that students are given internship and employment opportunities that align with their professional interests and their career goals.

Awards and Achievements

Over the years, our students have won numerous laurels in academic as well as extra-curricular competitions and events at the state and national level. 

Community Engagement

Community engagement plays a key role in the design of RUAS’s policies, activities, and programs. Service to society is not only encouraged but expected of all students and faculty members

University Life

From engaging cultural activities to informative seminars and workshops, RUAS offers students a vibrant and memorable college experience. University-wide clubs and societies as well as fests and athletic meets also give students the chance to interact with peers from other disciplines.

In addition to these activities, the University also makes a concerted effort to ensure the safety and welfare of all students. Policies and practices are put in place to address student grievances, a zero-tolerance anti-ragging policy is strictly enforced, and programs to enhance students skills and development are also put in place.