AJP 4218

Community Engagement

As an initiative of the Ramaiah Group, the University ensures that its policies and actions are created keeping societal impact and giving in mind. The programs of all faculties, therefore, also include a strong social service component

National Social Service

The Faculty of Management and Commerce enthusiastically participates in the activities of the National Social Service.

Every year, students and faculty members divide themselves into groups and choose to address a pressing social issue. In the past, this has included cleanliness drives, reforestation to prevent forest fires, and awareness drives to educate school children on health, sanitation, and career prospects.

These activities are a great platform to inculcate a sense of service among students. Not only do they develop a more thorough understanding of the problems of the day, they also learn to find ways and means to do their bit and give back to society.

Community Engagement by RUAS

The University has organised and implemented numerous activities that focus on the welfare and upliftment of society. These include mandatory Service to Society’ programs for all students, as well as initiatives like awareness drives and blood donation camps.