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Research Centres

As a University of Applied Sciences, RUAS promotes research and innovation among all its faculties. 

Every faculty is encouraged to pursue research they believe will be beneficial to their field of study and, by extension, to society. The University offers its support in the form of resources and facilities, including well-equipped research centres. 

Outfitted with the latest industry-relevant tools and equipment, these centres become hubs of innovation and cutting-edge research. 

The Faculty of Management and Commerce is home to the Innovation and Entrepreneurship Development Research Centre (IEDRC).

Innovation and Entrepreneurship Development Research Centre

FMC’s Innovation and Entrepreneurship Development Research Centre (IEDRC) was established with the aim of pursuing industry-defining research in the field of management and commerce. IEDRC’s work is geared towards developing a new framework for sustainability in business, and towards creating an ecosystem conducive for innovation and entrepreneurship.

The research goals of the Centre are:

  • To pursue innovation and entrepreneurship for the benefit of strategic national and international initiatives
  • To formulate and recommend solutions that address existing challenges of start-ups in adopting innovation and entrepreneurial development
  • To develop business models for various entrepreneurial opportunities
  • To ensure sustenance and growth of business ideas by developing a framework for technological innovation and technology commercialisation
  • To offer consulting, mentoring, and incubation services to start-ups to inculcate innovation in the business plan
  • To develop collaborative partnerships with service organisations through activities like research, consulting, mentoring, workshops and seminars, training, and lifelong learning.
  • To transfer technologies developed for commercialization and entrepreneurship
  • To disseminate knowledge on innovation and entrepreneurship

Research Groups:

  1. Technology and Innovation:
    • Product innovation for environmental, economic, and social sustainability
    • Innovation for commercialisation
  2. Entrepreneurship:
    • Rural entrepreneurship development
    • Retail entrepreneurship development
    • Due diligence analysis for a start up